Friday, September 16, 2016

Reliance Jio now says operators violating portability norms

Reliance Jio has sought the industry watchdog's intervention over the three main telecom operators -- AirtelVodafone and Idea -- refusing to allow porting of their subscribers to its network, in an alleged disregard to licensing norms

"Reliance Jio Infocomm, vide letters dated September 2, 2016, sent individually toBharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone, who are the incumbent dominant operators, informing them that Reliance Jio would be commencing its services from September 5," the company said in its letter. 

"In spite of being under legal and contractual obligation to port the numbers after a valid request is made, the incumbent dominant operators have rejected all the requests made for porting between Sep 5 to Sep 12," said the letter to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). 

The letter said against 201 total requests made to the three operators -- to Airtel the most, followed by Idea and then Vodafone -- 161 of them have violated the contractual obligations and eight were subject to wrong coding, among other issues. 

None were successfully completed, it said, and elaborated upon the portability regulations. 

IANS sent queries to all the three operators. Vodafone and Idea did not respond. Airtel's spokesperson said in a one-line written response that the company was processing all porting requests as per guidelines. 

"Please note that these rejections are in addition to the rejection of mobile number portability request of 4,919 corporate mobile numbers issued to employees and members of Reliance Industries Group by Bharti Airtel in August 2016," the Reliance Jio letter said. 

"Reliance Jio sincerely requests that the TRAI take serious cognizance of this complaint and intervene by taking strict action against incumbent dominant operators under the relevant provisions of the mobile number portability regulations and the unified licence," it said. 

The letter comes just as the incumbent operators and Reliance Jio appeared to be in the process of settling their differences over providing enough points of inter-connect for calls from the latter's network to go through to their own subscribers. 

Amazon to be No.2 in Indian e-commerce space by 2019

Amazon is improving its foothold in India and the American e-commerce giant could be the second biggest player after Flipkart in the online retail market by 2019, says a new Bank of America Merrill Lynch report. 

India could also become Amazon's second largest market (after the US) as it plans to invest $5 billion in its India business, the report released on Tuesday said. 

"For last couple of months, Amazon India gross sales are higher than that of Flipkart standalone (excluding Myntra)," it added. 

"We now expect Amazon's GMV (gross merchandise value) market share to improve to 37 per cent by 2019 from 21 per cent in 2015 and expect it to be close No 2 behind Flipkart," the report said. 

While revenues are relatively small to Amazon's global scale, Amazon India could generate $81 billion in GMV and $2.2bn in operating profit by 2025. 

Most of Amazon's gains have come at the expense of Snapdeal and other sellers, not Flipkart, according to the report. 

Flipkart still remains the market leader in India and "even in terms of customer satisfaction, reports indicate that it remains the leader, ahead of both Amazon and Snapdeal", according to the report. 

Amazon has been able to benefit from global brand and establishing reliability of service among consumers, concentrating on offering superior customer service and wider assortment of products. 

Amazon has also tied up with Vakrangee, a franchisee with strong presence in rural/underdeveloped areas to fortify its rural presence at relatively lower investments. 

As of June this year, Amazon is already active in more than 1,000 outlets, with plans to increase to 75,000 outlets by 2020, the report noted. 

Alibaba is looking to enter into the Indian e-commerce market by early next year as a more direct entry, despite it having investments in PayTM/Snapdeal. 

"We note that similar to Amazon, Alibaba likely considers India as the next big market apart from its home market and is looking to gain traction there," the report said. 

Apple to re-open three U.S. stores ahead of iPhone 7 launch.

As Apple prepares to make iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus available for purchase at its stores on Friday, the Cupertino-based giant is set to reopen three big retail stores after months of renovation in the US. 

The renovated stores are in Park Meadows in Colorado, Ridgedale in Minnsota and Fashion Mall in Indiana. 

According to, all three stores will open at 8 a.m. (local time). 

The new design have wooden shelves, large glass doors and massive video displays. 

Apple will offer time store openings with device rollouts, looking to maximise sales opportunities while impressing shoppers. 

Joining the iPhone 7 launch is water-resistant "Apple Watch Series 2". 

iPhone 7 will cost the same as iPhone 6s, starting at $649 (US price) and comes in three variants: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB (16 GB variant no more). iPhone 7 Plus will start at $769. 

The phone will come in rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black colours. 

Starting at $369, the 'Apple Watch Series 2' will be water resistant to 50 metres and the speaker will literally repel the water like a piston. 

The device will have a dual core processor with GPU that is up to two times faster.

Galaxy Note 7 fiasco: U.S. Govt. officially recalls the Note 7

The US government on Thursday officially recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after dozens of reported cases in which batteries exploded or caught fire.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a recall notice that the move will include about one million units of Note 7 that were sold prior to Thursday.

"Consumers should immediately stop using and power down the recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices purchased before September 15, 2016, " the notice said.

"Contact the wireless carrier, retail outlet or where you purchased your device to receive free of charge a new Galaxy Note 7 with a different battery, a refund or a new replacement device."

The notice noted that Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the United States, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage.

Globally, the South Korean has sold about 2.5 million units of Note 7 since the device was officially released in August.

iPhone 7 news and features : all you need to know about the new iPhone

iPhone 7 release date, news and features

Say hello to the iPhone 7 - Apple's latest flagship smartphone, with upgraded cameras, water resistance, stereo speakers and a longer battery life.
Tim Cook took to the stage at the Bill Graham Civic in San Francisco and told us: "We have created the world's most advanced smartphone - the best iPhone we have ever created. This is iPhone 7."
Obviously Apple would say that, but we'll let you make up your own mind as you read through all the new features below - oh and the headphone jack? Yeah, that's gone.
  • The best iPhone 7 deals available for pre-order today

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Apple's new iPhone
  • When is it out? Pre-order now, shipping from Sept 16
  • What will it cost? Starts at $649 (£599, AU$1,079)

iPhone 7 release date

Hottest facts:
  • Pre-order now
  • Shipping from September 16
The iPhone 7 release date is set for Friday September 16 in 28 countries including the US and UK, with iPhone 7 pre-orders already open.
Demand looks to be high though, with Jet Black orders now quoting November for shipping. If you haven't already pre-ordered online it looks unlikely you'll get any variant of the new iPhone 7 on release day, unless you queue up.
A week after September 16, the iPhone 7 will also be available in a further 30 countries too.
  • Everything you need to know about the iPhone 7 release date

iPhone 7 cost

Hottest facts:
  • 32GB - $649 (£599, AU$1,079)
  • 128GB - $749 (£699, AU$1,229)
  • 256GB - $849 (£799, AU$1,379)
Loading iPhone 7 deals...
Apple iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 price starts at $649 (£599, AU$1,079) for the 32GB model. If you fancy upping your storage you'll need to shell out $749 (£699, AU$1,229) - which is the same cost as the 64GB iPhone 6S when it launched.
Power users will want to check out the $849 (£799, AU$1,379) iPhone 7 with a new 256GB of storage - giving you loads of storage space.
It inherits the same pricing structure as the iPhone 6S when it launched back in September 2015 - at least in the US and Australia it does. For those in the UK the aftershocks of Brexit are being felt with a £60 price hike for the iPhone 7.
TechRadar's take: We fully expected the iPhone 7 to take the 6S pricing structure, but the price hike for those in the UK is a bit of a kick in the teeth. If you're not fussed about the latest and greatest, the 6S has been given a $100 (£30, AU$150) price cut.
  • Everything we know about the iPhone 7 price
  • In the UK? Here are the best iPhone 7 deals
Check out our iPhone 7 hands on video

iPhone 7 design

Hottest facts:
  • Dust and water resistance
  • Two new black colors: 'Jet Black' and 'Black'
  • Camera bump remains
Apple iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 is just as sleek as its predecessors, with the iconic rounded design returning for a third instalment with the same 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm frame as the iPhone 6S. It's lighter though at 138g, down from 143g on the 6S.
One of the big new talking points is its water and dust resistance, with IP67 protection bringing the new iPhone into line with the Samsung Galaxy S7 - and giving you peace of mind when you're in the bath or out in the rain.
Anyone hoping for a flush rear to the new iPhone will be disappointed though, as the iPhone 7 has a very noticeable camera bump.
Apple iPhone 7
That camera bump is a little bit special though. It's molded from the aluminum frame of the phone and houses the antennas - removing the ugly bands of its predecessors on the black versions. On the other colors though, the bands are still noticeable at the top and bottom of the device.
There are two new colors as well, with the glass and aluminum Jet Black joined by the matte-finish Black option - the latter option also features a black Apple logo on its rear. You'll also get the choice of silver, gold and rose gold, but there's bad news for Space Gray fans: that option is dead.
Something else Apple has built into the design of the iPhone 7 is stereo speakers, with one at the top and one at the base of the handset. That gives you louder, clearer audio, which will be great for movies and gaming.
Apple says the iPhone 7 kicks out twice the volume of the 6S, as well as having an increased dynamic range. In short, they should sound good.
TechRadar's take: Apple has refined the popular design of the iPhone 6 and 6S to create a sleeker, more modern iPhone 7 - even if the camera bump is larger.
  • iPhone 7 colors: what shade will your new phone be?

iPhone 7 headphone jack

Hottest facts:
  • No headphone jack
  • Lightning EarPods in the box
  • Adaptor for standard headphones in the box
  • Wireless AirPods available at extra cost
Apple iPhone 7
It's gone! It really has gone. Apple has removed the standard headphone jack - but it's not all bad news.
You get a set of Lightning EarPods in the box, meaning you'll be able to plug in right away, while an adaptor is also included, so you can continue to use your current headphones if you wish - although it's certainly not the most elegant implementation.
If you're feeling flush you can splash the cash ($159, £159, AU$229 to be exact) and get yourself a set of AirPods - Apple's first wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They offer five hours of listening on a single charge, dual microphones enabling you to take calls and interact with Siri, and touch response, so you can answer calls and launch Siri.
Apple iPhone 7
The AirPods also come with their own case, which houses its own battery providing up to 24 hours of playback, as it will charge the buds when they're sitting in it.
Pairing the AirPods with the iPhone 7 is easy: all you have to do is move the case near the phone and tap the on-screen prompt.
TechRadar's take: It's likely to be the most divisive feature on the new iPhone 7, but the headphone revolution has to start somewhere, and while Motorola may have removed the jack on the Z Play before Apple - it's the Cupertino firm which will be setting the standard going forward.
The lack of a headphone jack will frustrate users to start with, but in a year's time we wouldn't be surprised if all major manufacturers have followed suit.

iPhone 7 camera

Hottest facts:
  • A larger, single-lens 12MP rear sensor
  • Raw support, 50% more light, 60% faster, 30% more power efficient
  • Front camera now at 7MP
Apple iPhone 7
Apple has overhauled its camera tech for the iPhone 7, bringing in a brand new 12MP sensor on the rear and upping the front-facing snapper from 5MP to a 7MP Facetime HD offering.
The larger iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual-camera setup, but this is the iPhone 7 page, so we're focusing on that phone here.
The iPhone 7 has a completely new camera system, and gains OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), something the iPhone 6S missed out on but which the 6S Plus boasted.
Apple iPhone 7
The wide-aperture lens on the back lets in 50% more light, and it's 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient.
There's a six-element lens and the two-tone flash now has four LEDs for 50% more light and a 50% further reach. It also features a flicker sensor for artificial light, for better picture results.
Apple has also increased the camera's smarts behind the scenes, with the snapper adapting even better to the environment to automatically adjust settings for the best possible result.
TechRadar's take: Apple's kept the simplicity of its camera application while beefing up the brains behind the scenes, making the iPhone 7 work harder, and smarter every time you hit the shutter button. We're excited to put it through its paces come our full review.

iPhone 7 battery

Hottest facts:
  • Longest-lasting iPhone ever
  • 2 hours more life than iPhone 6S
Apple says the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have the best battery life of any iPhone - and so they should. It reckons those upgrading from the iPhone 6S can expect, on average, an additional two hours from each charge.
Apple also quotes 40 hours of wireless audio playback and 13 hours of wireless audio. Which is nice.
TechRadar's take: we always welcome news of improved battery life, and in the past it's been one of the weaker points of the iPhone range - however we greet any manufacturer's battery claims with a pinch of salt before we've put the handsets through our in-depth review process. We're keeping our fingers crossed the iPhone 7 can deliver.

iPhone 7 display

Hottest facts:
  • 4.7-inch, 1334x750 resolution
  • Brighter
Apple has stuck with the same screen size and resolution from the 6S for the iPhone 7 - so at first glance there's not much to report.
The 4.7-inch display sports a 1334x750 resolution, which in turns gives you a 326ppi pixel density. That served the 6S well, so you shouldn't worry about it on the iPhone 7. We understand if you're drawn to the pixel packed Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge though.
However, crank up the brightness bar on the new iPhone and you're eyes will be in for a treat. Apple has upped the brightness of the display on the iPhone 7, for an even brighter, bolder visual experience.
TechRadar's take: the biggest takeaway from Apple sticking with the same screen size and resolution is it's not prepared to jump onto to mobile VR bandwagon. To be fair the Retina display is still very good, but if you fancy a full HD resolution take a gander at iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 OS and power

Hottest facts:
  • Four-core, 64-bit A10 Fusion processor
  • iOS 10
Apple iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 has been groomed to launch alongside iOS 10, and it's a tremendous feature upgrade over iOS 9.3. It introduces a much smarter Siri that can command third-party apps, new Messaging functionality and a convenient Raise to Wake way of lighting up the phone.
  • iOS 10 tips and tricks
It doesn't stop with a software upgrade under the hood. iPhone 7 also gets a performance boost, with the phone packing a four-core, 64-bit Apple A10 Fusion chip.
That's a big leap from just a dual-core processor in the iPhone 6S, with Apple saying the iPhone 7 is 40% faster than its predecessor, and twice as fast as the iPhone 6.
While Apple hasn't confirmed the amount of RAM inside the iPhone 7, reports suggest we're looking at 2GB, which means it looks like it'll be less powerful than the iPhone 7 Plus with 3GB of RAM supposedly inside.

iPhone 7 home button

Hottest facts:
  • A pressure-sensitive home button
  • Taptic feedback
It may not look like it, but Apple has redesigned its home button, making it more powerful than ever. It's not even a physical button anymore.
It features the same pressure sensitive technology as the touchpad on the new MacBooks, as well as delivering taptic feedback.
That means if you want to return home you'll have to apply a bit of force to the touch sensitive key on the front. It may take a bit of getting used to, but we're looking forward to giving it a full workout.

40+ Useful Tools to Manage and Grow Your WordPress Blog (Updated).

We are often asked by our users about what tools we use to manage and grow our WordPress blogs. We have listed some of them in our WPBeginner Blueprint, but there are some more that we use on our different projects. Below is a list of 40 useful tools to manage and grow your WordPress blog.
Useful tools to manage and grow your WordPress blog

Looking to start a blog?

Want to start your own WordPress blog? We know that it can be a terrifying thought specially if you’re not geeky. Guess what – you’re not alone.
At WPBeginner, we have helped over 130,000+ users start a blog. And you can too!
Read our comprehensive step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog without any technical knowledge.

1. VaultPress

Backups are extremely crucial for any online business to grow. We use VaultPress on WPBeginner and all our websites. It is a subscription based service with different plans and pricing. VaultPress offers automated real-time cloud backup solution with one click restore option.
Alternatives: See 7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (pros and cons)

2. Sucuri

Any website can get hacked or attacked by malware or denial of service attacks.Sucuri is a website monitoring and security service. It provides real time alerts for any suspicious activity on your website. It not only prevents your website from malware but can also detect and remove them.
Take a look at how Sucuri helped us block 450,000 WordPress attacks in 3 Months. You may also want to see our article comparing Sucuri vs CloudFlare to find out which one is better for your business.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Understanding your audience is the key to success for any online business. Google Analytics provides you the statistics you need to understand your audience. It is very easy to install Google Analytics in WordPress and it is free.
Alternatives: 7 best analytics solutions for WordPress.

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress
Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin is the complete website optimization solution for WordPress. It is packed with features and eliminates the need of installing several other plugins. It is also very easy to install and setup Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress. See why we use WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.
Alternative: All in One SEO Pack. Also see our comparison of Yoast SEO vs All in One SEO Pack.

5. Edit Flow

Edit Flow
Managing a multi-author WordPress site can be a mess if you don’t know what everyone is working on. Edit Flow offers a smooth editorial workflow management system for WordPress powered websites. It allows you to add custom statuses, leave editorial feedback, view editorial calendar, and execute your content strategy like a pro.
Alternative: Content Progress

6. TablePress

TablePress allows you to add tables into your WordPress posts and pages without writing any HTML or CSS. It is simple to use and comes with advance features like sorting columns, exporting data, and using formulas in your tables.
Learn more in our guide on how to add tables in WordPress posts and pages.

7. Polldaddy

As the name suggests, Polldaddy allows you to add polls, surveys and quizzes to your WordPress site. Polldaddy makes it very simple to create polls and quickly embed them into your posts. The only downside is that it asks you to connect to your account.
Alternative: Gravity Forms, SurveyMonkey

8. ThirstyAffiliates

Affiliate marketing is the main source of income for many website owners. Adding and managing affiliate links can be a time consuming task, this is whereThirstyAffiliates comes in.
It is an affiliate link manager which allows you to easily add affiliate links, cloak links with pretty URLs, and auto-insert links for keywords. See our guide on how to add affiliate links in WordPress with ThirstyAffiliates.

9. After the Deadline

After the Deadline
After the deadline allows you to check your WordPress posts and pages for grammar and spelling mistakes. Developed by Automattic, it also checks your posts for style which allows you to improve readability of your content.

10. Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar
Most social media plugins for WordPress slow down your site’s page speed. Floating social bar is the best WordPress social media plugin which only loads your social media buttons when needed. It adds a sticky floating bar on your WordPress posts to maximize your social media visibility.
See how to use Floating Social Bar

11. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin aka YARPP is one of the most popular WordPress related posts plugin with more than 300,000+ downloads. It supports both thumbnail and text display of related posts and is quite easy to use even for beginners.
Alternatives: 5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

12. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder
Beaver Builder is the best drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin. It allows you to easily create any kind of page with your own custom layout regardless of your WordPress theme.
It comes with several advanced and basic modules which are like blocks that you can use in your pages to add different functionalities.
Alternatives: 5 best drag and drop page builders for WordPress.

13. Soliloquy

There are many WordPress slider plugins available on the market. However, most of them slowdown your website significantly. Soliloquy is the fastest WordPress slider plugin. It allows you to create beautiful responsive sliders in WordPress without slowing down your page load times. It is also very easy to use, even for absolute beginners.
Alternatives: Which is the Best WordPress Slider? Performance + Quality Compared

14. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads
Easy Digital Downloads is the easiest way to sell digital goods with WordPress. It comes with multiple payment gateways, recurring payments, discount codes, reports, and dozens of addons. It is easy to set up, even for beginners, and strong enough for developers to customize easily.

15. Constant Contact

Constant Contact
Constant Contact is one of the best email service provider. It allows you to build your email list, design emails, and send it to your users. It is very beginner friendly and at the same time powerful enough for experienced users.

16. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the best WordPress lead generation plugin. It allows you to add beautiful optin forms into your WordPress site and helps you get more subscribers (see how we increased our email subscribers by 600% with OptinMonster). It comes with page level targeting, split testing, analytics, and exit-intent technology which allows you to display a lightbox popup when a user is about to leave your website.

17. WPForms

WPForms is the most beginner friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. This drag & drop online form builder allows you to easily create contact forms, email subscription forms, order forms, payment forms, and other type of online forms with just a few clicks.
We use it on WPBeginner and all of our other sites. There’s a free WPForms Lite version available for those who are looking for a simple solution.
If you want more advanced features, then get the Pro version. Use this WPForms coupon to get 10% off your purchase.

18. CC Search

CC Search
It is a proven fact that people find images more engaging than text. However, finding images that you are legally allowed to use is not that simple. CC Search allows you to search through creative commons licensed images. You can restrict the search to look for images you are allowed to use and modify. Check out our guide on how to find and insert creative commons licensed images for your WordPress blog posts.

19. Canva

Ever wanted to add professional looking graphics to your site? Canva allows you to create beautiful graphic designs, edit images, create posters, with a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface. It is extremely easy to use even for beginners.

20. PiktoChart

PiktoChart makes it possible for anyone to create beautiful infographics, charts, and presentations. It has hundreds of templates and allows you to upload your own photos. You can use the simple drag and drop interface to create any kind of infographic.

21. Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easier for you to share documents, collaborate with teams, and access your stuff from any device. Google’s cloud storage service is a reasonably good alternative to desktop office applications. It comes with 15 GB free storage which is shared with your Gmail and Google+ accounts.

22. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is a productivity tool that allows you to see exactly how you spent time while working. It can be used by an individual as well as teams. As a time tracking tool it can monitor websites, applications, and idle time.

23. Boomerang

Ever wanted to schedule emails to send later? Boomerang allows you to schedule emails in your Gmail account. It also allows you to automatically send follow up emails if you don’t get a response in a given time. Boomerang is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is also available on mobile and android devices.

24. Trello

Trello is a project management tool. It offers a visual to organize and manage your projects. A typical Trello board is a list of lists displayed as cards. Add team members to any card, assign tasks, and get things done. Trello displays real time activity on the same board and you can everything that is happening on a project.

25. LastPass

There is no excuse for using weak passwords or using the same password for different services. But the problem is how do you remember all these passwords? LastPass is a password manager that stores all your password under one secure vault. After installing LastPass, you can use it to auto generate strong passwords and save them in just one click.

26. Twitter Search

Twitter Search
Twitter is the chatter box of the web. Use Twitter search to find content ideas. See what users are talking about topics related to your website and then reach out to those users to engage them.

27. Google Search Console

Google Search Console
Google Search Console also known as Google Webmaster Tools allows website owners to check how the search engine sees their website. You can see the most commonly used queries where your site appears. It is a comprehensive set of tools which show reports on duplicate titles, crawl errors, search queries, indexed content, etc.

28. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner
Google’s keyword planner tool gives you an estimate of search volume for keywords. Using this tool you can identify keywords worth writing for. You can also find long tail keywords with high search volume. This will allow you to easily rank your posts for these keywords.

29. EMV Headline Analyzer

Emotional Marketing Value analysis
Emotional Market Value headline analyzer tool checks your post titles, headings, and headlines for emotional impact. Studies have shown that users find headlines with higher EMV much more appealing. Testing your headlines for EMV will teach you to write more persuasive titles and call of actions.

30. Feedly

Feedly is a modern news/RSS feed reader. It allows you to view and read content from all your favorite site in one place. Feedly is available on the web, as browser extension, and as app on Android and iOS devices.

31. Buffer

BufferApp provides a better way to share your content across social media. It allows you to schedule and share your content across Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin from a single dashboard. You can plan your whole day’s tweets and status updates in one go.

32. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo helps you analyze what content performs best for any topic or even for your competitors. You can find key influencers to promote your content, monitor your brand mentions, and so much more.
This tool is a must have for all serious bloggers.
Alternative: Nothing compares.

33. Google URL Builder

Did you know that you can track outgoing links on your website in Google Analytics? All you have to do is embed a few strings in your URL and then see how this URL performs in your Google Analytics reports.

34. SEMRush

SEMRush helps you find competitive search data, so you can rank high for the right keywords. You can get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid such, as well as link building. Combining the tools from SEMRush, you can surely increase your traffic multiple folds.

35. HARO

Help a Reporter Out
HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out, its a free service which connects experts to reporters. Experts gets questions from reporters if they need any help in that particular area of expertise. When answering the question you can request the reporter to mention your name, blog, or startup in their story.

36. Rapportive

Rapportive allows you to see additional information about contacts right inside your Gmail inbox. Information such as their social media profiles, website, job, company, etc. It is available as an addon for Firefox and Google Chrome.

37. Camtasia

Camtasia is a screen recording software available for Windows and Mac. Extremely useful for sites where you need to walk through users. It allows you to easily edit your videos, add graphics, animations, arrows, sounds, etc.

38. BuzzStream

BuzzStream allows you to manage relationships and run effective link building and outreach campaigns. It is a tool to manage your contacts and influencers in an efficient and personalized way. It helps you find influencers, run out reach and link building campaigns, and focus on your public relations goals.

39. Pingdom

Your site’s uptime and speed are crucial for the success and growth of your business. Pingdom is a website performance and uptime monitoring service. It offers free tools that you can use to monitor website speed and uptime.

40. InfiniteWP

If you manage multiple WordPress sites for yourself or for clients, then you would know how frustrating it could be to update them all one by one. InfiniteWP allows you to manage all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard. See our guide on how to manage multiple WordPress sites using InfiniteWP.

Bonus Tools

Here are some bonus tools to help you grow your WordPress powered website.


IFTTT is an online tool which allows you to put the internet on work for you. You can automate your social media sharing, organize your text messages, even handle your calls using IFTTT. Checkout our guide on how to automate WordPress and Social Media with IFTTT.

42. Slack

Slack is a messaging app for teams of all shapes and sizes. It allows you to create a slack for your team and then create chatrooms called channels. You can create private channels as well as public channels.
Team members can also send direct messages to each other and create group chats as well. Users can also send each other files, documents, images, etc.
That’s all for now. We hope these tools help you manage and grow your WordPress blog.

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